About Us

Admeyer is a thoughtful apparel collection made with sustainability in mind. Founded in 2019 by identical twin sisters, Lindsay and Jessica Bickmeyer. Their goal is to lower their environmental footprint to ensure a prosperous planet for future generations.

The Founders

Lindsay & Jessica

Growing up around the ocean provided inspiration to the sisters to create and develop a sustainable fashion line. Blending their education and skills in photography, design and business they've set out to produce a label that contributes to a world where the people and the planet live in prosperity. They are both certified divers, surfers and ocean advocates. With hopes to get more involved with environmental issues that affect the planet today.

As twin sisters, they've been partners since birth. It was always a dream of theirs to work together. Both currently living on separate coasts, the farthest and longest they've ever been apart. This business gives them a sense of wholeness.

1% for the planet

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with a deep admiration for nature

The twins have partnered with 1% for the Planet.

They will donate 1% of their annual sales to accelerate smart environmental giving. This means every time you purchase their product, a portion of your order goes directly to help an environmental cause.